Why to Switch over to Cold Pressed Oil / Wood Pressed Oil/Marachekku Ennai ?

Have we all ever  thought that we are slowly making our body susceptible to various illnesses because of refined oils?

Are Truly Refined oil beneficial for good health as bombarded by various Advertisements?

Definitely No.

        Reason :

Refining may expose oils to high temperature, bleaching agent like hexane deodorizer , degumming ,  dewaxing  among all other processes such as hydrogenation lead to formation of trans fatty acid which are blamed in increasing the risk of heart disease.

Above all , all the nutritive value of oil is being lost. And are we ready to create a generation which is going to be vulnerable to heart disease,obesity, diabetes and further threatening cancers.

Solution: Wood pressed marachekku ennai

If Refined Oil has little or no nutritional value and pose serious threat to health, then what should you be trying?

Doctors  and nutritionists suggest that you buy organic ,unrefined and cold pressed vegetable oils.

        Conventional Method

High Heat extraction at 230 centigrade alters the property in unfavorable ways(Poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbon formed at high temperature, which are CARCINOGENIC) and strips its nutritive value.

        Solvent Extraction Method where a chemical called hexane is added,exposure to which leads to dermatitis & CNS depression.

        Expeller Pressing Method which involves high temperature due to mechanical heat.

Also preservatives are being added which prevents oil from becoming unstable.

         What are Cold Pressed marachekku ennai?

Cold Pressed oils are oils extracted in a much healthier process.  In this process, seeds are not tortured at high temperature or subjected to harsh chemicals. Instead extraction is being done at temperature below 35 °C ensuring the oil maintains its character .Once the oil settles, it is just filtered and bottled.

        Benefits of cold pressed chekku ennai  :

 Good Source of Anti-oxidants , Omega-3 & Omega-6

 Since  Cold Pressed, they do not lose naturally  occurring Vitamin E , plus the oils also maintain their levels of essential fatty acids namely Omega 3 & Omega-6 .

 No Transfat & Saturated Fat.

 No Heat Processing or chemical flushing means the oil is devoid of transfat & saturated fats

 Varam is providing Wood Pressed chekku ennai manufactured from Vaagai Marachekku .

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